Can I look at available homes online?
Available homes are listed on the city's NSP Property for Sale webpage. This site will be updated regularly as new homes become available for purchase to eligible NSP buyers. Please note that before you can visit an NSP home in person, you must go through the NSP application process through 1 of the 2 housing agencies approved by Lee County to manage the NSP application process.

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1. Can I have my own home inspection done?
2. What if I don’t qualify now? What are my options?
3. Do I need to take a homebuyer education class?
4. How much financial help will I receive from NSP?
5. How much money do I need for a down payment?
6. How much do I need to earn to qualify for a loan and what are the income limits?
7. Do I have to be a first-time home buyer to qualify?
8. Can I look at available homes online?
9. Where are NSP homes located?