Wastewater Treatment Plants

About the Plants

The City of Fort Myers Wastewater Treatment Division consists of 2 regional Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facilities. The Central AWWT Facility is located at 1501 Raleigh St. and is designed to treat 11 million gallons of wastewater per day. The South AWWT Facility, located at 1618 Matthew Drive, is designed to treat 12 million gallons per day. The existing Bardenpho treatment systems were put on line in 1985, replacing the old sewer plants at both facilities. These waste water treatment plants treat wastewater from all of the City of Fort Myers and much of Lee County.

Division Responsibilities

The division also maintains a state-certified wastewater laboratory, a state and federally-approved Industrial Pretreatment Program, and is responsible for the proper stabilization and land application of the wastewater bio-solids (formerly known as sludge) generated at the facilities.

Reclaimed Water

The majority of the treated effluent from the 2 plants is discharged to the Caloosahatchee River. A portion of the Central Plant effluent is diverted and treated to reclaimed water standards for reuse in the community. The city recently expanded this process and will also provide reclaimed water capability at the South Plant over the next several years. A project has recently been completed to upgrade the disinfection process at both facilities to reflect today’s technological advances in this area of treatment.


Encouraged for all schools, civic organizations, or interested individuals. Tours can be scheduled through the Wastewater Treatment superintendent’s office at 239-321-7571.