The Engineering Division is responsible for:

  • Construction management
  • Design engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • GIS
  • Impact fee analysis
  • Permit coordination
  • Plan reviewing
  • Project management
  • Site inspections
  • Storm water management
  • Traffic engineering
  • Utility locations

Capital Improvement Projects

The Engineering Division provides technical assistance, design services, records, maps and information as well as assisting in identifying and implementing Capital Improvement Projects.

Coordinating & Partnering With Other Agencies

We coordinate consultant and contractor agreements and provide quality construction management services. In addition, we maintain working relationships with regulatory agencies, other municipalities and utility companies to ensure effective communication and coordination on joint projects and issues of mutual interest.

Quality & Cost Savings

A goal of the Engineering Division is to keep abreast of new and changing technology in the areas of construction materials and methods, equipment, and other products. The division would then assess its value to the city with respect to quality and potential cost savings.

About the Staff

Engineering provides a broad spectrum of engineering services and strives to efficiently assist the public and other city departments regarding engineering and infrastructure issues. Staff members include:

  • Administrative personnel
  • Construction managers
  • Engineers
  • GIS practitioners
  • Inspectors
  • Locators
  • Technicians