Fleet Maintenance

About the Division
The Fleet Maintenance Division maintains the city fleet, providing maintenance, and repairs to vehicles and various other pieces of equipment. The division is headquartered at the Public Works Center at:

4200 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd.
Fort Myers FL, 33901

Our main goal is to maintain our fleet on the job and to increase the efficiency and productivity of the fleet shop operation. We strive to keep our down time, or time vehicle or equipment spends in the shop, to a minimum.

Maintenance has other issues besides just repairing and maintaining cars, truck, tractors, and small engine equipment. We make a conscious effort to always find ways to conserve our environment. By following standards set by our government, attending meetings, and educating our staff we are committed to keeping Fort Myers a beautiful place for the citizens to enjoy for generations to come.

ASE Certification & Experience
The Fleet Maintenance Division has a combined total experience of over 400 years in automotive repair. Over 80% of the staff are ASE certified. ASE is an automotive repair certification organization that ensures the quality of automotive technicians by testing and certification.

Replacement: Vehicles are replaced base on the life-cycle costing of each unit. This includes, but is not limited to, the age of the vehicle, the current mileage, the amount of repairs and downtime that it has occurred over the vehicle’s lifetime.

  • Repairs: We are a full-service repair shop.
  • Welding and Fabrication Shop: General welding repairs and fabrications are performed onsite to expedite repairs. Various fabrications such as bodies, beds, and packer assemblies are performed at a significant savings to the city.
  • Paint and Body: These services are contracted out.
  • Tire Shop: We maintain a full-service tire shop to service the various pieces of equipment which ranges from small mowers to large loader and sanitation equipment.
  • Police and Fire Emergency Equipment: Routine maintenance is performed on fire apparatus as well as major repairs such as hydraulic, electrical, brakes, and engine maintenance.Police and fire emergency equipment is installed on-site to insure quality and safety. Front end-and suspension, anti-lock brake systems, cooling systems are repaired on-site to minimize downtime.
  • Fuel Supply: These staff members are responsible for the purchasing, maintaining, and distribution of fuel for 2 fueling locations. We are constantly researching new fuel alternatives.
  • Vehicle Procurement: These staff members assist in the preparation of vehicle specifications by insuring that we get quality options and a safe vehicle. We also receive and check-in all vehicle to make sure that these standards have been adhered to.
Scheduled Maintenance
The purpose of the Fleet Maintenance Division is to maximize the availability, serviceability, safety, and appearance of the city’s vehicles and equipment by providing scheduled maintenance, replacement and repairs, as needed. Preventative maintenance is tracked and all C services and A services over 1 ton are performed on site. Preventative maintenance is tracked and scheduled by miles, hours, time and gallons of fuel used.

An A service is an oil change. This includes changing the oil, oil filter, checking all fluids, and air tire pressure. This service is currently being performed by an outside vendor for all city vehicles under 1 ton.

All vehicles within the city fleet receive a C service once year and this is performed in house. A C service is a full-vehicle safety inspection. This includes replacing all filters, air, oil, transmission. As well as, changing all the fluids, checking the wiper blades and washer fluid and checking brakes and pads.

The parts staff is responsible for maintaining a parts and tire inventory for all vehicles and equipment. Our main goal is to purchase merchandise for our fleet at the best possible price. Some of our daily tasks include tracking all inventory transactions, warranty parts, making sure our mechanics receive the correct parts in a timely manner and tracking and maintaining our fuel inventory.