Facilities Management
Facilities Management provides building maintenance services necessary to provide safe, well-maintained city buildings in a timely and economical manner and provides the central management of the operations, maintenance, and repair effort to maintain over 100 buildings citywide. Nearly 1.6 million square feet of space is maintained for the public and city employees, many of whom provide direct service and quality programs to the public.

Facilities Management operates under the mandate to maintain city-owned facilities in an economic and efficient manner. This maintenance enhances the life of city facilities and provides a suitable and safe work environment for our customers, thus meeting the city’s mission of serving the public.


Facilities Management responsibilities include:
  • Building maintenance and repair of flooring, plumbing, masonry, and roof systems
  • Centralized work control management
  • Energy-efficient retrofit actions, and sustainable building practices
  • HVAC equipment operation, maintenance, and repair services maintenance and repair of existing equipment and installation of new service during interior/exterior renovations
  • Implements energy audits, energy performance contracting, lighting and equipment
  • Interior renovations, structural repairs, and painting
  • Material and parts procurement
  • Service and repair contract management
Construction Management
The Construction Management supervisor serves as project manager for the construction phase, approving payments from funds allocated by the user department, and administering the project through substantial and final completion.

Our goal is to effectively and economically manage the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of vertical capital projects and facilities for the City of Fort Myers with the objective of providing quality facilities in a fiscally responsible manner. Construction Management consists of a group of engineers, construction, and facilities professionals that direct the planning, design, and construction process for new and renovated city facilities. Our client base consists of all city departments. Our projects range anywhere from small office renovations to multi-million dollar construction programs.

A typical project begins with a request from a city department to help them expand or renovate their existing facility, or plan for a totally new one. We then begin by working with them to determine facility needs, determine, and discuss various solution(s), and then translate the selected solution into a project budget for funding through the capital budget process. Once the project is funded, the project manager directs the design process to assure our clients needs are met and the project is within budget, and finally, directs the construction process to achieve high quality construction per the project schedule.

The section's primary function is to implement the Facilities Program of the city’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

Construction Management is responsible for:
  • Required project monitoring and reporting to effectively manage projects within contract budget and time constraints
  • Ensuring the coordination, preparation and presentation of contract amendments, change orders, work authorizations and final payments
  • Coordination of contract file maintenance for use in contract administration
  • Institution of programs to train and develop project managers
The City of Fort Myers has also created and is now implementing a transition plan to comply with the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act.