The Fort Myers Skatium draw scores of individuals, local families and teens to Central Fort Myers for high energy fun. The Fort Myers Skatium & Recreation Center offers traditional indoor sports such as basketball, hockey, soccer, and ice skating, as well as a fitness center with a weight room and classes in spinning, zumba, kick boxing and yoga. The venues themselves are not paid for by the CRA, but the Agency does promote them on cultural attraction maps. 

City of Palms Park

This complex is the new home of the Florida SouthWestern State College baseball and softball teams. 

The complex includes: One stadium baseball field and one softball field with bullpens and four batting tunnels. The FSW Home team/Visitor's Clubhouses with Manager's offices, three concession stands, two souvenir stands, spacious players' locker room's with showers, trainer/therapy rooms, a hydro-therapy room, laundry room, an umpire locker room, coaches locker room and a weight training room. There is a spacious press room with kitchen on the 3rd floor. There are two TV booths, one camera booth, three radio booths and public address room.

View City of Palms Park.

Yawkey Park

Local families, as well as visiting sports enthusiast clans, enjoy a break from organized sporting events in this colorful, charming tree-covered playground and park. It is on the corner across the street from the City of Palms Park and was built through private donations.