Coed Indoor Soccer League

About the League

The Fort Myers Skatium Coed Indoor Soccer League is an adult athletic program designed to provide organized athletics to local adults. Indoor Soccer Leagues run year round with 3to 4 seasons a year.

The playing surface is a 200 by 85 foot multi-purpose sport court located inside the Fort Myers Skatium in downtown Fort Myers. The Indoor Soccer League is open to individuals of all athletic abilities. The game is made up of a 2, 24-minute halves with 5 on 5 player structure. Teams play once a week on Sunday afternoons.For information, please contact Adam Weiner 239-321-7515 or by email at   
For more information and pictures please visit the Coed Soccer League schedule website.

Gold Division

The coed indoor soccer gold division is a competitive league designed for adults with previous college or high school. This league has been developed for players with a background in soccer looking to continue playing at a high level.

Silver Division

The coed indoor soccer silver division is a competitive league for adults who have experience playing in the past years at a recreational level and are looking for a mix of skill levels.

Bronze Division

The coed indoor soccer bronze division is a recreational league for adults who are either new to the sport or looking for a fun way to get some exercise with friends in a team setting. Also good for adults who haven't played soccer for a few years and are looking to get back into the sport.