Community Agency Support Program

About the Program

The City of Fort Myers recognizes that community based agencies are critical in providing human service needs to the citizenry, and contributing to them through the Community Agency Support Program (CASP) fills an important role in the community. Therefore, the City strives to maintain its support of this program. 

Eligibility & Process

To ensure the best use of City funds towards this program and in preparation for the new fiscal year budget, the City requires information and documentation be submitted for consideration for participation. This is required prior to development of the funding proposal that is presented to City Council at the end of July as part of the City Manager’s new fiscal year Recommended Budget.


Data Package

The funding process includes completion and submittal of a Data Package and other agency documents, including financial reports, within specified due dates for each fiscal year. All documents must be submitted by June 30, 2018. The Cover Sheet of the Data Package identifies agency contact and address information and summarizes the amount of funding requested. This cover sheet must be signed by an officer of the agency eligible to approve the submittal.

Responses to Data Elements

Responses to data elements may be incorporated in the Word document provided, directly below each element, or may be composed in one separate document, prefacing each response with the alpha numeric label from the Data Package. If using the Word document, deletion of any element from the document will disqualify the agency from consideration.

If a response cannot be provided for any element, notation of “N/A” should be documented for that element, to ensure eligibility of the submittal. The Adobe Acrobat documents are identical to the Word and Excel documents, and may be used to proof read the submittal to ensure every component is included, prior to mailing. (Alternatively, the Adobe Acrobat copy of Financial Forms A, B, C and the Board may be printed and manually completed for submittal.)

Submitting Documents

All documentation must be submitted via mail or email to the Budget Office, at the address below, by June 30, 2018. Documents include the Data Package, Financial Forms A, B, C and the Board, and the Letter of Intent. Similar to the Data Package Cover Sheet, the Letter of Intent must be printed and signed, and included in the email or hard copy submittal. Inclusion in the annual funding proposal will not be considered unless all documentation is received by the due date. Further, submitting all documentation does not guarantee funds will be available in the program for the upcoming budget year or will continue at the current level of funding.

If you need assistance with any of the required documentation or have any questions, please contact the Budget Office at 239-321-7188.

Agencies who received funding in the current fiscal year must submit a final fiscal year-end performance report, itemizing the use of current year funds. Agencies will not be eligible for funding in the next fiscal year if this report is not submitted by the deadline. The format should be a narrative monitoring report, describing what services were provided and what results were achieved through use of the City’s funding in the current fiscal year. This report should be submitted to the Budget Office via fax, email, or mail to the address below, no later than December 31st of the current calendar year.

For agencies that have successfully submitted the Data Package and all other documentation, and that are currently participating in CASP, the annual requirements for continued participation are streamlined. Annual requirements for these agencies include copies of:
  1. Most recent IRS Form 990
  2. Last fiscal year audited financial statements (or most recent)
  3. Current copy of Form 501(c)(3)
  4. Proof of liability insurance
  5. Financial report (similar to Form A) indicating Revenues and Expenses of the entire agency for past, current, and proposed fiscal years
  6. Agency program description
  7. Funds requested from City and narrative of how the agency plans to spend the funds
  8. Signed Letter of Intent of nondiscriminatory representation
Contact:  Margo Arcand, Fiscal Analyst
City of Fort Myers
PO Box 2217
Fort Myers, FL  33902-2217