Purchasing Payment Program

Preferred Payment Option
The City of Fort Myers preferred payment program is ePayables, which is a card-based electronic payment platform offered through Bank of America. For a nominal fee, the city’s Accounts Payable (AP) Department processes payments to vendors through a payment card. The payee receives an email alerting the vendor that a payment is ready to be processed, and the payee can instantly download the payment to the company bank account.

The ePayables payments are processed with better payment terms on Tuesdays and the payments are available immediately. This should mitigate the nominal fee.

Payment Requirements
Invoices must be billed to "The City of Fort Myers" and contain all pertinent information necessary to expeditiously process payment, including the:
  • Department and contact name
  • Ship-to address
  • Purchase order number
Email original invoice(s) to Accounts Payable or by fax to 239-344-5931.

For More Information
The AP Department encourages vendors to contact them for further information to enroll in this preferred payment program. The AP Department may be reached by email or by phone at 239-321-7161.