Ward 4

Councilman Michael Flanders
Except for his college years, Michael Flanders has lived in southwest Florida his entire life, and specifically Fort Myers since 1968. After receiving his diploma from Fort Myers Senior High School, he went on to earn a Bachelor of Design degree from the University of Florida and a Master of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech.
Michael Flanders
He then returned to Fort Myers as an architect intern for 3 years and in 1984 eventually opened his own office in Ward 4 the heart of downtown Fort Myers. He is the owner of Flanders Architecture, Inc. and is the City Council representative for the Ward 4 area where he has lived for the past 24 years. He is married and has 1 child. 

Councilman Flanders believes his professional background, as a Florida Architect is a valuable guide in city decisions involving planning, construction, and design. One of his goals is to always improve the quality of the man-built environment within the city, thus influencing the quality of life of the citizens who dwell in it.

During the past decade, Councilman Flanders worked diligently as an elected official to install new infrastructure and streetscape amenities in historic downtown Fort Myers. This massive capital improvement project has transformed downtown Fort Myers into a cultural rich destination enjoyed by all age groups.  Councilman Flanders understands a successful, energetic downtown will maintain property values and quality lifestyles in all Ward 4 neighborhoods

Community Service

Past Memberships

  • Chairman of the City of Fort Myers Historic Preservation Commission
  • Chairman of the City of Palms Day Committee
  • SW Florida Palm Society
  • City of Fort Myers Beautification Advisory Board
  • City of Fort Myers Code Enforcement Board
  • Edison-Ford Winter Estates Foundation
  • Lee County School Board Architects Task Force
  • Rotary Club of Fort Myers

Current Memberships

  • National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • American Institute of Architects
  • Lee County Alliance for the Arts
  • Edison and Ford Winter Estate
  • Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden
  • The Ringling Museum of Art

Current Donations

  • University of Florida
  • National Preservation Institute
  • Montgomery Botanical Center

Current Elected Positions

  • Councilperson, Ward 4, City of Fort Myers - City Council
  • Commissioner, City of Fort Myers - Community Redevelopment Agency
  • Commissioner, Lee County - Metropolitan Planning Organization

Ward 4 Meetings

Citizens of Ward 4 are encouraged to participate with Councilman Flanders on issues and concerns of their community. City and neighborhood meetings occur on a continual basis, and constituents are urged to communicate their concerns and opinions through the city website, email, or by telephone. In order to provide the best representation possible as an elected official, Councilman Flanders believes public input to be crucial on neighborhood and city issues.

Term of Office

  • Elected 1998 to a 4-year term
  • Re-elected 2003, 2007, and 2011, and 2015


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