Employee Benefits

Sick Leave

Sick leave with pay at straight time rate will be granted to employees after 90 days of continuous employment. It is accrued at the rate of eight hours per month from the 1st day of employment or a total of 96 hours per year based on a 40-hour work week. There is no maximum accrual. Employees are eligible to receive 1/3 of their sick pay upon retirement.


The following chart shows how many hours of vacation may be earned for employees per year based on their years of continuous service. Employees earn their vacation hours with their regular pay. After 6 months of employment with the City, an employee is eligible to take vacation time.

 Years of Continuous Service

Vacation Hours Earned

 1 - 3


 3 - 4


 5 - 9


 10 - 19


 20 or More Years



Recognized holidays shall be as follows:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Presidents’ Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day
  • Other holidays as declared by the city manager
The City also recognizes a birthday holiday after 1 year of continuous employment as of January 1.

Bereavement Pay

Bereavement leave includes 1-3 days off with pay at straight time rate may be extended for death of employee’s immediate family. Under unusual circumstances, this may be extended to 5 days.

Retirement Program

The City provides a defined benefit pension plan for three groups:

  • Non-uniformed employees
  • Firefighters
  • Police Officers
The City contributes annually to each plan and employees contribute a percentage of earnings.

Nationwide or ICMA-RC Deferred Compensation

An employee may elect to deduct an amount of money from their paycheck before taxes and may select from several different savings programs. This is a long-term savings program and is not taxed until the money is withdrawn. Money can not be withdrawn until the employee terminates, retires, or experiences an unforeseen emergency.


View the insurance page for information about options such as health, vision, life, and dental insurance.

Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union

An employee of the City may join the Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union. Loans may also be obtained through the Credit Union.

Direct Deposit

An employee may have his/her entire check deposited into 1 or 2 banking institutions.

U.S. Savings Bonds

An employee may join the U.S. Savings Bond Program on a direct deposit basis. More information about this program can be found at the treasurydirect.gov website.