Planning for Access to Spaces

Adopting a place-making approach in development creates character and ensures a sustainable built environment.  Your development provides an opportunity to add long-term value to the City of Fort Myers by striving to be a livable, walkable, and sustainable city.  You can see the positive long-term impact investing in historic downtown has had on the area.  The advantages of pedestrian designs proved to support the long-term sustainability of the city and we continue to grow as a result. Pedestrian connectivity makes the area a model for success.  Access to the streetscape and creating connections from residential areas creates a vibrancy at the street level.  

We are investing in A.D.A. compliant parks and access to music and public spaces such as the amphitheater.  The Farmers Market is providing access to fresh food and has been a part of the fabric of Fort Myers for a long time.  We encourage development that is commercially successful and also benefits the community.  A clean and inviting environment is an important partnership we have with the public and our development projects.  

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