Talent Attraction and Retention

Why you should consider moving to Fort Myers. 

Compare Cost of Living and you'll see that your wages buy you so much more in Fort Myers, Florida. Remote workers are welcome and you can see some of the developments occurring in the area to find your next home. We have over 17,000 additional housing units either under construction, planned or in the permit stage. We continue to build new locations, new parks, and new ways to enjoy your life.

Build the Skills of your Employees

We have many options for training employees to meet the needs of employers.  Click on the logos below for more information.  Ready to start your own business?  Put your creativity to work in Fort Myers.  2021 Ranked us #8 BEST place to start a business.  So whether you want to move up with your current employer or prepare yourself for the next step in your career there are resources to help you in Fort Myers, Florida.

Commercial Space Available

The growing population of Fort Myers will restore the critical mass of residents needed to support local business.  We want to see vacant commercial spaces reoccupied and that requires talent attraction and retention to support business growth.

As more and more organizations realize their employees can live anywhere and continue to work with them, we are seeing a large migration to our area.  This should deconcentrate poverty and grow the tax base.  Our growing economy, great weather, natural habitats, and access to connectivity provides the perfect location for new talent and retaining the talent that already exists.

Why people continue to live in Fort Myers. Access to learning, grows the potential of our community.  Excellent internet access and new housing stock makes Fort Myers and affordable option.  Anyone who wants to work and live here, can. The quality of life is demonstrated by looking at the cost of living and finding ways to improve our median income.  And don't forget, there is no state income tax and that is money in your pocket. We continue to find ways to improve the lives of our community. It is at the heart of economic development.

If you need some additional help building your skills or finding employment, consider reaching out to the resources in our area below.

A great tool to determine your next move into another career.  https://www.mynextmove.org/ 

Jump Start Your Career at Careersource of Southwest Florida.


Another reason, people choose to live in Fort Myers. We have invested in quality parks, access to the river, attractive public spaces, dynamic streetscape with the help of resident engagement. The preservation of community assets and high standards for site design provide a more attractive Fort Myers and we believe it's why we are attracting more and more talent to our area.