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Intersection Improvement on Colonial Blvd

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Population changes and increased traffic

Location Matters For Business Growth and Visibility

Roadway improvements are a thoughtful and lengthy process. In the City of Fort Myers there are roads that are maintained by the State of Florida and Lee County. Interactive Map on Roads gives you the opportunity to put in the road to determine which government entity makes road improvement decisions.   Another good resource is SUMA: Support for Urban Mobility Analysis, however with our increasing population we need more robust and current information.  Another resource for information on accidents is here:

Increases in freight and person movement has meant increasing the capacity in critical corridors within the City of Fort Myers.  As we increase denser developments with a mix of jobs, shops, and homes so more people can walk, bike, or take transit to more and closer destinations, we consider the impact of different travel routes.  

Roundabout at Hanson Street and OrtizYou can see new investments into roads as we work to improve business access and increase development. Access Improved to Interstate 75 and Improving Bike Lanes or improvements for the purpose Safety and Increased Capacity   Our future projects help to spur economic development and as a result we are seeing new developments.  We diversify the development patterns, create zoning requirements and think about our future needs to sustain the quality-of-life recognizing that many home and job location choices are the result of choices about family, educational preferences, and entertainment and cultural sites.  

Technology advances also holds promise as solutions to congestion, safety, and understanding the City of Fort Myers mobility landscape.  The value of data when making long term decisions is vital and planning for our future needs are a crucial component of economic development.

Opportunities to be in the Fort Myers area continue to improve with new construction of large facilities. Access to those sites have been improved by the road improvements.

Overall Traffic in Fort Myers

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