RD TaxCredit

research and development tax credit

Take advantage of economic incentives to conduct research in the United States. Reach out to tax professionals to access the Research and Development Tax Credit.

These economic incentives were implemented to stimulate research and development in industries of all sizes, to encourage companies to work together, and to transform the economic landscape.  If you design, develop, or improve products, processes, techniques, formulas, inventions, or software, you may be eligible.  There is currently a three-year look back period and if your qualified research activity qualifies the R & D Tax credit can be a dollar-for-dollar offset of federal income tax liability and, in certain circumstances, payroll tax liability.  

  • increased cash flow
  • increased earning per share
  • increased return on investment
  • reduced federal tax liability
  • reduced effective tax rate

Ask you Tax Professional to explain the four-part test to determine what activities qualify for the R & D tax credit. 

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