Business License

The layers of government involved in your business starts at the federal and works it way down to the state and local level.  Expert advice will help you navigate this process and it may have already come up during your discussion on the business structure.

A good place to start is Business Information Portal

The Internal Revenue Service will ask you to obtain a Business Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) or depending on your business structure you can us your Social Security Card. 

Your business may require you to collect a sales tax.  if so,  the Department of Revenue at Florida Revenue for Business 

The City of Fort Myers Local Business Tax Application requires you to have established a EIN# or provide a social security number as well as the Florida State Sales Tax # (if you need it)

You may want to check in with the Florida Dept. of Business and Professional Regulations to determine if your service requires additional licenses.

You may have discovered even more sites and locations.  Have an expert set your business up correctly to avoid costly mistakes and penalities.