Land Use, Zoning, Occupancy

Before you settle on your location, reach out to the City of Fort Myers for a preapplication meeting.  A team of experts will discuss your planned use and the necessary requirements to make the location work for you.  Robert Ward schedules the meetings.

You can also access the Municode:   Muni-code Zoning information


Learn more about recent permits and their current status: 

  Fort Myers Development Activity Map

If you know the address you can access the current zoning here:

 Planning and Zoning Interactive Map

There are many location addresses that are Fort Myers, but actually reside outside the city limits.  If  you are not sure  you can check here:

 Are you in the City Limits?

There is also the options of having the zoning code amended, which requires City Council approval.

When your are ready to complete your application you can now do it online at Energov Application for Self Service.