Health Outcomes

Upcoming WEbinars:

Neighborhood Health Inequities

The Urban Institute is hosting a panel discussion on the Promise Neighborhood health inequities. The U.S. Department of Education addresses the effects of education on health outcomes.


The City of Fort Myers works closely with Lee County on efforts to encourage economic development within the healthcare/medical device industry.  As an industry cluster within the City of Fort Myers, you will see inventors of medical equipment, manufacturers to increase mobility, research for better health outcomes, education in the STEM field.  The product vision in the medical field within the City of Fort Myers is aspirational, whether it is in how telecommunication is approached or innovation on alternative solutions to surgery.  Once you have contextualized what problem you want to solve, you have an environment in Fort Myers to support your focus.  As we do more and more site visits in our Business Retention and Expansion program, we see more opportunities to open the area to others within the health/medical device cluster.   We are gaining an advantage for the benefit of the businesses in the healthcare and medical device manufacturing.  

We have seen a steady increase in employment in health technology and management.  Improving health outcomes come from our beautiful climate, we are seeing results in our business climate improving health outcomes as well.  We value a healthy lifestyle.

Information from big data, tele-medicine, and other innovation in technology is changing the health care landscape.  Making sure you have access to information to improve  your health outcomes can be found on the 

Vaccine Information and Testing Locations can be found here.

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Additional information on where to access food and nutrition sites can be found here.