Quality of Life

What is significant to you may be different for someone else when it comes to the quality of life. We can all agree, affordability is an important aspect to quality of life. The City of Fort Myers has reasonable rent and housing options and to see just how reasonable it is, you can compare to other locations using the Living Wage Calculator. Examples of the value of the dollar by comparing expenses to live in an area. Check out some of the benefits to being in the City of Fort Myers. If you are an employer, you can consider how to give your employees the best life as well. Check out Standards to become a B-Corp and find your purpose, meaning, and what is significant to you and your business for a successful life. 

For many people that are finding new ways to live and work. We are making moves to be more pedestrian friendly, increase the housing stock so people can live and work in close proximity. Access to parks and places is not just to enjoy the natural habitat. Direct exposure to water contributes to your medical health and we encourage healthy living with outdoor access to exercise. 

The investment made into high speed internet opens the door for more remote workers to consider Fort Myers their new home.  

You have access to the outdoors year-round because of the excellent weather. You can focus your attention on your business without worrying about removing snow. Sometimes it's the little things that make for a quality life.

Come to Fort Myers to find your purpose, where innovation comes to play, and you have the opportunity for the best experiences.