Digitization of the Economy


It is no coincidence that Fort Myers earned the title of Fastest Growing City.  You can check out our development activity map to see what plans are under construction and in planning. It is an exciting time and we are seeing an in-migration to our area. The increased population as well as the increase in housing stock makes this an ideal location for remote workers to bring the entire business to Fort Myers. We have growth in housing, growth in a diverse group of people, and unlike other parts of the country, our construction industry is booming.  The world of work is changing and Florida is a viable location for many industries.  Our good decisions in the past has given our area great internet connectivity.  Circumstances on how we work may have changed, but we have the agility to unlock your productivity and creativity by offering the space you need to grow your business and provide a comfortable quality of life for you and your employees. Three coworkers viewing laptop computer

Opportunities to further our investment into improving smart technology may come in the form of public-private partnerships.