Corridors of Opportunity

Create a Public Vision

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has."-  Margaret Mead

Consensus-building process identifies opportunities and objectives for an overall development strategy. In order to realize the vision there sometimes needs to be:

  •  land assemblage and ownership
  •  environmental considerations of the site
  •  determination of market demand and the financial feasibility.
  • building codes and regulations support the vision established for the development and streamline an effective partnership. 

The greatest risk to development is delays, lack of financing, and lack of land assembly. The City of Fort Myers is committed to business resilience and re-imagining our city for the next generation of entrepreneurs.  Stakeholders determine our outcomes and we continue to find ways to work with our partners.  We understand that our path is adaptable and needs to consider the challenges that may present themselves.  We will continue to strive to understand the issues, challenges, and opportunities.  Our goal is to deliver tangible outcomes that better our community.  

Considering what is the future of development has lead to award winning plans.  We will continue to consider projects with the greatest impact to support economic development and contribute to placemaking in a coordinated manner.

We consider the short and long-term impact of any project.  We understand the value to the community, the developer, the city, and our region to focus on matching the desirability of the location and the neighborhood dynamic.

The opportunity to reach our goals together will improve our ability to improve our community and withstand, recover, and adapt to natural hazards, human-made disasters, climate issues, and economic shifts.

 First and Second Street Improvements shows a commitment toward a multi-modal transportation and improved access to retail for future development. 

It is important to keep in mind that some of the roadways within the City of Fort Myers are maintained by the County or the State.  You can view which roads by clicking here.

downtown first street image