City-Owned Infill Housing Lots

Periodically when surplus residential lots are available, an Invitation for Proposals will be issued requesting proposals from Owner-Builders and Housing Developers to submit proposals requesting available lot(s) for the construction of affordable housing, namely a single-family residence, in accordance with Sec. 163.380, Fla. Stat., City Code Sections 2-38 and 2-39, and Resolution No. 2020-36.

Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions and Resolution No. 2020-36 for program details and minimum construction standards.

All conveyances are subject to the approval of City Council at a public hearing, payment of a $500.00 fee, execution of a Development Agreement, and recordation of a Quit-Claim Deed in the public records for the property.  All lots conveyed are subject to a reverter clause stating that if a Certificate of Occupancy is not obtained within three (3) years, the lot will revert back to ownership of the City of Fort Myers.  

All lots conveyed to Owner-Builders are for the construction of a single-family residence to be used as a primary residence, within the allotted timeframe, in accordance with the executed Development Agreement and subject to the reversionary clause on the deed.

All lots conveyed to Housing Developers are for the construction of a single-family residence, within the allotted timeframe, to be sold to a qualified affordable family, defined as one or more natural persons or family where the total household income is less than 150% of the Fort Myers/Cape Coral Metropolitan Statistical Area.  Current AMI information may be found at:

Please note that Owner-Builder proposers are required to submit a certificate showing completion of a HUD approved homebuyer education class with your proposal or proof of registration for an upcoming homebuyer education class.  More information on HUD approved Housing Counseling Agencies may be found at:

All proposals submitted for Affordable Housing and Infill Development through an open Invitation for Proposals are solely submitted through the Procurement Services Division, Financial Services Department, 2200 Second Street, Fort Myers, FL  33901. No proposals or solicitations received outside of an open Invitation for Proposals will be accepted or considered.

If you are interested in adding your name and email address to the Infill Housing e-mail notification list, please e-mail your full name and e-mail address asking to be added to the notification list to: