Vision, Mission and Value Statements

Public Works Vision

The Public Works Department strives to enhance the quality of life of all residents by designing, building and maintaining public works infrastructure and providing safe, reliable, effective services consistent with the mission and goals of our community.

Public Works Mission

The Public Works Department’s mission is to improve and maintain the infrastructure of the City of Fort Myers, and to protect the health and welfare of our residents, businesses, and visitors; to provide quality services to our customers, within available resources, in a timely and efficient manner; to provide these services, as well as to support economic growth and development, with the unity and trust of highly qualified and skilled personnel; and to serve as first responders in emergency situations.

Value Statements

  1. Preserve the quality of life of our citizens by providing our current and future population with adequate resources and infrastructure through utility improvements, transportation enhancements, water quality and development services.
  2. Provide our community with public service of the highest quality, and deliver these services with courtesy and professionalism.
  3. Provide quality maintenance that is both timely and cost effective on all City-owned vehicles and specialized equipment.
  4. Improve and beautify the landscape of the City through innovative designs and programs which benefit the citizens, as well as the employees of the City.
  5. Deliver exceptional customer service.
  6. Oversee the creation of a City-wide preventative maintenance program and improve current conditions of all facilities.
  7. Expand recreational opportunities through increased usage of all recreation facilities which minimizing costs and providing more efficient, safe and economical services.
  8. Improve the Golf Courses image throughout Southwest Florida to attract young players and generate maximum number of players in order to generate sufficient revenues and provide the best playing conditions possible.
  9. Operate the Water Treatment Plant at peak efficiency throughout the year in compliance with all Federal and State regulations within budget constraints.
  10. Provide the highest level of wastewater treatment while protecting the environment.
  11. Provide the highest level of solid waste service possible while maintaining competitive rates.