Description of Area



The Westwood redevelopment area is positioned south of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard redevelopment area and east of the Cleveland Avenue redevelopment area. It is located north of Winkler Avenue Extension and west of Colonial Boulevard.

Please note that all of the redevelopment areas have irregular borders; the boundaries stated below extend to the outermost limit of the redevelopment area.

Its boundaries are as follows:

Northern Boundary       Just south of Hanson Street

Southern Boundary       Winkler Avenue Extension

Eastern Boundary          Arcadia Street

Western Boundary        Veronica S. Shoemaker Boulevard

Link to document with Boundary Legal Description (PDF)

Total Acreage

+/- 1032 Acres

History and Features

The Westwood redevelopment area was established in 1990, and amended in 1998 to assist in land consolidation and residential infrastructure.

Without assistance through the creation of the Westwood redevelopment area and plan, Westwood's land would be considered unfit for development. Land consolidation over the years has been slow due to excessive multiple ownership. The original road pattern was destroyed, leaving a severe accessibility issue.

In the years since Westwood was determined as an area for redevelopment, some success with land assembly has been had in Section 29, reducing the number of property owners. Sixty percent of the platted rights-of-way have been vacated in this area, diminishing yet another obstacle to development. There still remains challenges, however, in Section 32 (the property south of the North Colonial Waterway), which still maintains the same original platted configuration with multiple owners.

The basic objectives for Westwood are as follows:

  • To provide single-family home development within the City limits, thereby advancing the City's Comprehensive Plan goal of encouraging the development of single-family housing within the City.
  • To improve access to Section 29 & Section 32 and enhance internal circulation within the Westwood redevelopment plan area.
  • To assist in parcel consolidation when and where needed throughout the Westwood redevelopment plan area as a way to correct irregular lot sizes, configuration, and multiplicity of ownership in Section 29 & Section 32.

Redevelopment Plan

Link to Westwood Redevelopment Plan