Plan Review

Reviewing for Code Compliance
Plan Review staff members within the Building, Permitting, and Inspections Division to review applications and supporting documentation for compliance with the Florida Building Codes for building, plumbing, and mechanical compliance as well as the National Electric Code as mandated by the Florida legislature. Reviews cover thousands of regulations and requirements found within the Florida Building Codes including the following:
  • Accessibility
  • Energy efficiency
  • Flood zone requirements
  • Hurricane provisions
  • Life safety
  • Structural integrity
Permit Concerns & Issues
A plan review comment letter will be faxed and/or mailed to you if there are issues concerning your permit application. Contact the staff member listed on the plan review comment letter if you have questions regarding the review.

Site Plan Submission
Checklists which address all items required for a permit application as well as plan review items are available through this website or in the lobby of the Community Development Department.