Completed Projects

Central Fort Myers

Bike Patrol

For a few years starting in 2008, Central Fort Myers funded officer Fort Myers Police Department 6 six-officer Bike Patrol, along with funding from the Cleveland Avenue and Downtown redevelopment areas. The Bike patrol was to provide an enhanced level of service to these redevelopment areas. In Central Fort Myers, the increased sense of security created by the friendly visibility of the Bike Patrol allowed the community and Red Sox Spring Training sports fans to feel more comfortable visiting the area, and consequently spend more on activities.

City of Palms Baseball Park

The Central Fort Myers redevelopment area was created in 1990 both to eliminate blight and to assemble land to construct the Red Sox spring training stadium, City of Palms Park. A significant amount of the stadium’s land assembly was completed a short time later and the City of Palms Park opened in 1993. It remained Spring Training home to the Red Sox until 2011. Since 2014, it has hosted college baseball games.

Spring Training Trolley

In 2009 and 2010, the CRA helped fund free transportation for baseball fans through a trolley service between the Downtown and Central Fort Myers districts during Red Sox Spring Training games. The CRA also provided the stadium with maps marked with trolley stops as well as Downtown restaurants and businesses. This cross promotion maximized TIF funds: the trolley encouraged more fans to attend games, thus producing revenue in the Central Fort Myers district, while Downtown district merchants saw increased patronage at restaurants and retail shops. Downtown dollars were used for the service as their merchants received the greater financial gains.

Yawkey Park

Located on the corner across the street from the City of Palms Park and built through private donations, Yawkey Park was created so that local families, as well as visiting sports enthusiast clans, enjoy a break from organized sporting events in this colorful, charming tree-covered playground and park. It was part of  Central Fort Myers’ attractions from 2008 through 2012.