Description of Area

Central Fort Myers


The Central Fort Myers redevelopment area is positioned south of the Downtown redevelopment area. It is located south of Victoria Avenue and west of Forrest Street and includes a portion of Cleveland Avenue.

Please note that all of Fort Myers’ redevelopment areas have irregular borders; the boundaries stated below extend to the outermost limit of the redevelopment area.

Its boundaries are as follows:

Northern Boundary    Victoria Avenue

Southern Boundary    Willard Street

Eastern Boundary       Fowler Street

Western Boundary      Forrest Street

Link to document with Boundary Legal Description (PDF)

Total Acreage

+/- 134 Acres

History and Features

The Central Fort Myers redevelopment area was created in 1990 to eliminate blight and to assemble land to construct the Red Sox spring training stadium, City of Palms Park. A significant amount of the stadium’s land assembly was completed a short time later. Since the stadium and surrounding grass parking lots, adjacent State of Florida Regional Service Center parking garage, Skatium and Skate (board) Park are publicly owned and not on the tax rolls, this district did not generate tax increment revenue for most of its life.

The area is coming to life, however, with the adoption of the Midtown Vision Plan, an integrated redevelopment strategy for the area of Fort Myers just south of the Downtown core. Midtown combines the southern portion of the Downtown redevelopment area with the entire Central Fort Myers redevelopment area.

The Midtown Vision Plan is intended to serve as a shared community vision for transforming this part of the city into a vibrant, new, diverse, mixed-use destination. Priorities for Midtown are as follows:

  • Maximize the potential for mixed-use development in Midtown
  • Plan for a range of new housing options
  • Create opportunities for sustained commercial viability
  • Create street conditions that are safe for bicyclists and walkable for pedestrians
  • Introduce a range of new public realm and open space fea­tures
  • Plan for “smart infrastructure”
  • Incorporate sustainable and resilient measures where possible
  • Create a discernible sense of place that will appeal to all city residents and visitors alike

Redevelopment Plan

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Midtown Vision Plan

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The Midtown Vision Plan: Downtown Fort Myers Integrated Redevelopment Strategy was a multi-year effort to engage the community in crafting a vision for the City, its Downtown and the new Midtown. The 243-acre Midtown area was the intense focus of the City’s planning and visioning efforts. The City explored in depth how the new proposed Midtown area will accommodate smart growth, more housing options, and enhanced economic opportunities for the City and its citizens.