Neighborhood Planning

Current Neighborhood Planning Projects

The neighborhood planners are responsible for creating and implementing neighborhood plans for the City of Fort Myers. The current projects under neighborhood planning include:

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard

Dunbar-Michigan Redevelopment Plan

East Fort Myers Redevelopment and Revitalization Plan

Eastwood Village Redevelopment Plan

Westwood Redevelopment Plan

Veronica S. Shoemaker Boulevards Revitalization Plan

Neighborhood Action Plans

As neighborhood planners, we are excited about working with the residents of the City of Fort Myers to bring about positive change!  Partnering with residents is key in order to create and implement Neighborhood Action Plans (NAP). The purpose of a Neighborhood Action Plan is to provide a mechanism for residents, neighborhood organizations, and other key stakeholders to develop and communicate a plan for the neighborhood that:

Identifies and prioritizes the needs and interests of the neighborhood which can be used by city departments, commissions, and City Council to guide decisions involving master planning, development proposals, budget approvals, and plan amendments affecting the neighborhood.

Describes and develops the resources within each neighborhood to develop a sense of place.

Serves as a tool for the neighborhood to move forward with its own action plans and community improvements.

Neighborhood Planner Responsibilities

In addition to creating NAPs, the neighborhood planners also oversee the:

City of Fort Myers and Lee County Enterprise Zone Board

Neighborhood Street Improvement Program