Special Events Advisory Board


The members of this board shall be residents, own property or operate a business within the city limits. The board shall consist of members with experience or interest in the following fields of expertise:

  • Community development
  • Community relations
  • Economic development
  • Educational or sports education
  • Entertainment or media industries
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Special event coordination
  • Special event promotion
  • Sponsorship
  • Tourism

The board shall consist of 7 members and 2 alternate members. The members of the board shall serve for 3-year terms at the pleasure of the City Council without compensation. If any member fails, without cause, to attend at least 75% of all meetings held during any calendar year from the date of appointment by the City Council, the member's seat shall be declared vacant by the chair and such vacancy shall be reported in writing to the city clerk.


The members of the board  shall be sworn by the city clerk to perform the duties of the office. The duties of the board are as follows:

  1. Act in an advisory capacity to the City Council in matters relating to special events proposed by event managers which are:
    1. Open to the public
    2. Held within the city limits in spaces which are overseen by the city
    3. Expected to attract more than 1,000 people
    4. Requesting the City Council approve a waiver or a reduction of fees or a cash sponsorship
  2. Endeavor to facilitate quality cultural and artistic events that enhance the quality of life for the citizens of the city, and provide exposure and positive social and economic impacts for the city, by either recommending or withholding recommendation of funding to the City Council for a special event that meets the 4 criteria described in Subsection 1 of the duties based on a competitive process.
  3. Recommend to the City Council special events that should receive city sponsorship by a reduction or waiver in the fees charged for the use of public property and/or the cost of services to be provided by the city, based on a weighted scale of merit.
  4. Recommend regulations for the conduct of special events that will increase interest therein to the citizens, residents and visitors of the city generally, insofar as the same are not in conflict with the City Code and state statutes.
  5. Have such other advisory duties granted by the City Council consistent with successful special events held within the city.