City Meeting Center

For all meeting document requests please contact the City Clerk’s Office 239-321-7035.
Watch Live: Fort Myers TV | All other board meeting agendas and minutes are available in the City Board Center

Speakers that wish to provide public comment must submit a Request to Speak Form to the City Clerk prior to the beginning of the meeting, no later than 4:30 p.m. Public Comments are limited to (3) minutes per person.

There are three opportunities to provide input during a City Council regular meeting:

PUBLIC INPUT – NON-PUBLIC HEARING ITEMS - These comments are reserved for items that are on the agenda and are non-public hearing items.

PUBLIC HEARINGS – Will be heard about 5:15 p.m. or as soon thereafter as can be heard. Comments for Public Hearing items will be heard during the Public Hearing agenda item discussion.

PUBLIC COMMENT – NON-AGENDA ITEMS - Speakers may speak on subject matters not listed on the agenda, provided the subject matter is within the jurisdiction of the City Council.

All backup materials are included within the agenda document. Under Upcoming Events, click on the Agenda link to view backup materials.