Procurement Ordinances

Procurement Ordinance (38-61 – 38-68)

The City of Fort Myers’s procurement ordinance was established following Federal and State laws, best practices, global values, guiding principles and standards of practice.

Local Vendor Preference (38-71)

In an effort to promote the participation of local vendors in the procurement process, the City of Fort Myers Mayor and City Council has established the following: The City of Fort Myers Code, Section 38-71 pertaining to the procurement of general goods and services provides for a preference in the amount of 5% which may be given to City of Fort Myers businesses and the amount of 3% which may be given to Lee County businesses. No business shall be qualified to receive a preference amount that exceeds 5%.

Minority Business Enterprise Program (MBE) Ordinance (Section 38-122)

The City of Fort Myers has established an MBE Ordinance for expenditures of construction, professional services, goods, and other services. Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) are businesses who constitute a present ability to perform the services and/or provide the goods required and who are certified by the State of Florida Office of Supplier Diversity and whose principle place of business is located within the boundaries of Lee County.

The City has set a goal to utilize minority business enterprises for fifteen (15%) percent of the total dollars when contracting for construction contracts through prime contracts and subcontracts.