Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive planning is responsible for the long range planning for the City of Fort Myers, with the Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map (FLUM) as the main tools to assist the city with their development goals and objectives. Comprehensive planning involves a more technical side of planning requiring knowledge of Chapters 163, 171, and 380 of the Florida Statutes as well as the rules associated with these chapters. The comprehensive planning staff is responsible for the long range planning for the:
  • City of Fort Myers
  • Comprehensive Plan
  • Environmental planning
  • Inter-local agreements
  • Park inventory and analysis
  • Population and other demographic projections/data
In order to develop future goals and objectives, population, and other demographic projections and data are required. The planner utilizes several sources, including University of Florida’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research (BEBR) and US Census Bureau.

Annexations & Developments of Regional Impact

The comprehensive planner reviews Developments of Regional Impact (DRI) within the region and reviews all city zoning change requests for consistency with the Comprehensive Plan. The comprehensive planner is also responsible for processing all Future Land Use Map and Comprehensive Plan amendments, annexations, and DRIs within the City of Fort Myers. DRIs are designated pursuant to criteria contained in Florida Statutes. For more specific information on DRIs and state planning, visit the Department of Community Affairs website.

Application Process
During the pre-application phase, the planner performs site visits to the property as well as drives the surrounding areas to evaluate the development trends of the area. These on-site techniques in conjunction with aerial photos and current land use and zoning designations provide additional guidance for determining appropriate future land use categories.

In addition to processing the applications, the comprehensive planner is responsible for creation and/or review of developer agreements, city ordinances, and city resolutions to implement these activities.

Transportation Planning

Long range planning also involves transportation planning. The comprehensive planner represents the city on the Lee County MPO Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).