Success Stories

2780 S. St.
Once part of a larger city-owned industrial park, the site had previously held a gas station, truck rental center, and had underground oil storage. To sell and remediate the site, the city entered into contract with a private developer to purchase the property, and made remediation possible by reducing the sale price of the property to the equivalent cost of the remediation, with the requirement that the property owner enter into a Building Site Remediation Agreement (BSRA) with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The project was then monitored by the DEP until completion and a no-further action letter was received. Today the property is prepared for redevelopment.

3275 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
Now known as Clemente Park, located in front of the Williams Academy, a local historic landmark, the property was formerly used as a gas station and auto repair service station. Acquisition by the city and removal of kerosene pull, a hydraulic lift, and an underground fuel tank allowed the city to develop plans for the future neighborhood park, and access grant funding nearing $100,000 from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to help fund the cost of playground equipment for neighborhood youth.

Abbott Shrimp Dock: Vue Development
Removal of underground kerosene storage within the riverfront property in downtown Fort Myers transformed an abandoned site into a viable redevelopment property within the River District.

The Imaginarium Hands on Museum and Aquarium, located at the former water reclamation/coal gasification plant on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. The transformation of the site, including brownfield remediation has taken a potential environmental and health hazard area and created a center for hands on education in southwest Florida.

Palm Park
Remediation of the Palm Park on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, the former site of the Harts Dairy facility located directly in front of the Southwest Florida Museum of History, transformed an area of urban blight into a visually pleasing and functional green space for the city and provides an enhancement along the gateway to the River District and historic downtown.