Qualifications & Designation Process

Program Qualifications
Eligible brownfields projects shall meet the minimum requirements of the applicable designation and assistance guidelines under the federal, state or city program for which the project is seeking to qualify. It is not the intent of the Fort Myers City Council to establish requirements for qualifications other than those of the Brownfields Redevelopment Program Policy and existing brownfields laws and rules. Qualifying brownfields projects shall meet the basic definition and intent of brownfield development and reuse.

Brownfield Designation Process
Pre-Application Meeting
The brownfield project sponsor and/or applicant meets with city staff and other brownfields interested agencies to discuss the brownfields redevelopment project applications and compliance with the city program qualifications. The individual is responsible for providing documents for brownfields designation consideration. The applicant must then complete and submit the city's brownfields designation application to qualify for assistance under the Florida Brownfields Redevelopment Act or for the city's Brownfields Redevelopment Program. Applicant must also submit the following support documents:
  • Zoning verification letter from the city stating that uses of the proposed project are permitted
  • Letter from the City of Fort Myers Community Development Department stating that the proposed brownfields area is consistent with the city Comprehensive Plan
City Staff Action
Upon receipt of the brownfield designation application, the brownfield coordinator reviews the application and, if it is accepted, circulates a public notice, and prepares a staff report.

Brownfields Advisory Board Consideration
Staff presents the application for consideration to the Brownfields Advisory Board recommending approval. The agenda item shall be scheduled within 90 days of staff deeming the application complete and adequate.

Resolution by the City of Fort Myers City Council

After favorable consideration by the Brownfields Advisory Board, the City of Fort Myers City Council shall consider a resolution designating the proposed site a brownfields area under the Florida Brownfields Redevelopment Act.

Filings with Federal & State Agencies
City Council action for a brownfields designation shall be filed with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in compliance with the Florida Brownfields Redevelopment Act.