Public Art

The City of Fort Myers seeks to acquire and maintain a quality and diverse public art collection that will aesthetically enhance and engage the community, promote a greater awareness of and appreciation for art, and respond to and reflect the unique character and history of the city. 

The Public Art Program will enhance the city’s cultural identity, encourage collaborative public/private partnerships, promote tourism, fuel economic growth, provide a supportive environment for its artists and improve the quality of life for all its citizens and visitors.


With the first official piece of Fort Myers public art dating back to August 17, 1913, we are fortunate to enjoy a long history of supporting the acquisition of additional installations. The Collection is owned by the City and is the responsibility of the Public Art Committee pursuant to the City's Public Art Ordinance 118.7.7


The Sponsor-A-Sculpture Program is a project whereby various citizens, groups or businesses adopt one of the City’s outdoor public artworks or sculptural installations for purposes of ensuring that they are at all times properly maintained. But unlike the City’s Adopt-A-Road or Adopt-A-Park Programs, participants do not clean or perform other maintenance work on the sponsored sculptures. Rather, sponsors underwrite the costs of having an experienced team of art experts (known as conservators) do this delicate, highly-specialized work.