City's Brownfields Policy

Brownfield Issues
If unaddressed, brownfields result in premature expansion and sprawl of urban development. Brownfields not addressed by environmental remediation are:
  • An inefficient economic use of urban land
  • A contribution to community decline, slum, and blight
  • A potential hazard to public health
Incentives for Cleaning Up and Reusing Brownfields
Environmental remediation and reuse of brownfields are in the economic, environmental, and community interests of the city and shall be a priority in implementation of the city's Comprehensive Plan.

Therefore, it is the policy of the City Council of the City of Fort Myers to provide assistance and incentives to public and private landowners and businesses to facilitate the environmental cleanup and reuse of contaminated urban property. The City of Fort Myers Brownfields Redevelopment Program was established to execute the directives of this policy.