Annexation Process

About the Process
Annexation means the adding of real property to the boundaries of an incorporated municipality, such addition making such real property in every way a part of the municipality. (FS §171.031)

Annexations must meet the requirements established in Chapter 171, Part 1, Florida Statutes. In general, the annexation site(s) must be contiguous, as defined by FS §171.031, to the city, must be reasonably compact, and not create enclaves or result in pocket or finger areas in serpentine patterns of unincorporated area.

City Policies
  • The City of Fort Myers will accept only those annexation proposals that are beneficial, feasible, and cost equitable. A pre-application meeting is required prior to submitting an application.
  • Annexations also require Comprehensive Plan amendments to assign "City Future Land Use" to the site(s).