Westwood Area

The Westwood redevelopment area was established in 1990, and amended in 1998 to assist in land consolidation and residential infrastructure. The undeveloped area was considered unfit for development due to lack of land consolidation – consolidating land to be developed for single-family homes was very difficult due to excessive multiple individual ownership, and the original road pattern was destroyed which created a severe accessibility issue.

Some progress has been made in land assembly, reducing the number of property owners. Challenges remain and the job is not yet finished.

The Westwood redevelopment area is positioned south of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard redevelopment area and east of the Cleveland Avenue redevelopment area. It is located north of Winkler Avenue Extension and west of Colonial Boulevard.

  1. Community Redevelopment Agency

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    1400 Jackson Street
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    Phone: 239-321-7100