City Attorney's Office

Duties & Responsibilities
Day-to-day operation of the City of Fort Myers requires attorneys to interpret and apply state and federal statutory and case law and the City Code to specific factual situations. The City Attorney's Office also researches legal issues and writes ordinances and resolutions, prepares and negotiates contracts, settlements, and other documents and assists in adjusting claims made against and by the city. The City Attorney's Office prosecutes persons for violating the City Code, collects money owed the city, forecloses city liens and mortgages, and defends mortgage foreclosures.

Providing Legal Counsel
The City Attorney's Office provides legal counsel to:
  • City boards and commissions
  • City Council
  • City departments
  • Council committees
  • The mayor
Prosecuting & Defending Lawsuits
The City Attorney's Office prosecutes and defends all lawsuits for and on behalf of the city. Among other things, lawsuits may include the following:
  • Allege negligence by city employees such as automobile accidents or maintenance of sidewalks
  • Inverse condemnation
  • The unconstitutionality of city ordinances or the actions of the city or its employees
  • Violations of a person's civil rights
Handling Possible Challenges
Challenges may be made to the following:
  • Development regulations
  • Employment actions
  • Quasi-judicial decisions
  • Workers compensation determinations
  • Zoning laws