Cleveland Avenue Area

Vast, open spaces of cultured landscaping framing large scale shopping destinations fill the view as you drive north along U.S. 41/Cleveland Avenue, just past Boy Scout Road. You stop to buy something for the house, then hop back into the car and continue past Colonial Boulevard. Edison Mall is on your right, the focal point of the Cleveland Avenue Town Center area with tree-lined walkways, interconnected streets, and delightful parks and plazas. Those cute new shoes at the store near the mall were a great deal. Just beyond Winkler Avenue, you pick up a loaf of that artisan bread you adore at the local market. Here, shoppers greet each other with a friendly “good morning” and catch up on the community news, since they all live within blocks of the store. Then you are on your way to a wellness check-up at the medical center near the hospital, north of Hanson Street. Your clean bill of health is the reason for the bounce in your step as you meet the girls for lunch at that little family-run eatery that’s all the rage.

Welcome to the new Cleveland Avenue.

Commercial, office space, dining destinations, and residential neighborhoods seamlessly blend to make the most of fulfilling life’s necessities with a splash of fun thrown in. In addition to customers, both developers and businesses flock to Cleveland Avenue due to its excellent planning and maximized incentives available through the area’s Brownfield and Enterprise Zone designations.

The Cleveland Avenue redevelopment area, consisting of four sub-areas and created in 1998, is positioned along Cleveland Avenue, south of the Central Fort Myers redevelopment area extending to the southern City Limits. It is located south of Edison Avenue and north of the City Limits, which are just south of Boy Scout Drive.

  1. Community Redevelopment Agency

    Physical Address
    1400 Jackson Street
    Fort Myers, FL 33901

    Phone: 239-321-7100