Central Fort Myers Area

The Central Fort Myers redevelopment area was created in 1990 to improve the neighborhood by eliminating blight, and to assemble land to build the City of Palms Park baseball stadium, which was used as the Red Sox spring training facility for many years. Most of the stadium’s land assembly was soon finished, and since a significant amount of the Central Fort Myers area was publicly owned and not on tax rolls, this redevelopment area did not generate tax increment revenue for most of its life.

The area is coming to life, however, with the adoption of the Midtown Vision Plan, an integrated redevelopment strategy for the area of Fort Myers just south of the Downtown core. Midtown combines the southern portion of the Downtown redevelopment area with the Central Fort Myers redevelopment area. 

The Central Fort Myers redevelopment area is positioned south of the Downtown redevelopment area. It is located south of Victoria Avenue and west of Forrest Street and includes a portion of Cleveland Avenue.

  1. Community Redevelopment Agency

    Physical Address
    1400 Jackson Street
    Fort Myers, FL 33901

    Phone: 239-321-7100