City Maintenance

Field Operations Division

Field Operations operates 24 hours, 365 days a year and is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the city’s streets, streetlights, drainage, drainage structures, wastewater collection system, the distribution of potable and reuse water, streets signage and lighting. Some of the responsibilities of the division include:

  • Water Distribution: Responsible for the repair and maintenance of all the water mains and services in the City of Fort Myers. The city maintains an emergency number to respond to major water line breaks within 2 hours. The city is responsible for 514 miles of pipeline ranging in size from 1 – 42 inch and over 126,000 service connections.
  • Hydrant Maintenance:  Is responsible for the maintenance and repairs over 4,200 city-owned fire hydrants within the city ensuring there is proper fire coverage for all residential and commercial properties.
  • Sewer Collection: Is responsible for the cleaning and repairing of sewer mains including 422 miles of sanitary sewer, 41 miles of reclaim pipes and over 21,058 service connections.
  • Lift Stations: Monitors the operations of lift stations, provides repair, replacement of pumps, rebuilds existing stations, and coordinates overall operations to insure the sewer system is operating as efficiently as possible for 183 lift stations throughout the City.
  • Streets:  Is responsible for coordinating the maintenance of all city streets, bridges, and right-of-way mowing. This includes potholes, sidewalks, and street paving for over 400 miles of roads and 20 bridges within the city.
  • Street Lights: Is responsible for ensuring 10,200 street lights are tested on a regular basis, maintained, and upgraded as needed to residential to commercial street lights city wide.
  • Traffic: Is responsible for maintaining safe traffic operations on over 200 miles of city streets with over 10,000 signs, including pavement, markings and other traffic, ensuring quality, safety and efficiency on the road network within the city.
  • Stormwater: Is responsible for coordinating maintenance and clearing of all city drainage pipes, ditches, and canals in order to provide for proper water flow and drainage of 37 miles of canals and ditches and over 150 miles of storm water pipes.  In addition, run-off control structures such as weirs and retention ponds are maintained by the city.
  • Right-of-Way Mowing: Handles the mechanized mowing of approximately 90 miles of continuous run canal and ditches. Guardrails and individual lots are done with riding mowers, by hand with weed eaters, and chemical spray control.
  • Street Sweeping: The city maintains a sweeping program for 320 miles of streets that have curbs and gutters. These streets are swept per schedule and Best Management Practices to ensure proper drainage and clean water discharge.