Public Safety Services

  1. Alarm Permits

    Find out how to apply for an alarm permit and how much a service fee costs.

  2. Code Red Notifications

    Find out how to sign up for Code Red notifications to stay informed in the City of Fort Myers.

  3. Fingerprinting

    Find out when the fingerprinting services are offered by the City of Fort Myers.

  4. Fire Department

    Learn about the Fire Department's history, divisions, employment opportunities, and how to get involved.

  5. ICE Program

    Find out about the benefits to the In Case of Emergency Program.

  6. Neighborhood Watch

    Read about the Neighborhood Watch Program and the benefits of this program.

  7. Police Department

    Find out about crime prevention, employment opportunities, community programs, and more.

  8. Police Press Releases

    View press releases dating back to 2012 for the Police Department.

  9. Police Report Copies

    Find out the different ways you may request a copy of a police report.

  10. Residential Knox Program

    Utilize the city's high security key safe so that firefighters can quickly access your home in case of an emergency.